Specialist scaffolding services for the housebuilding sector


We are specialist scaffolders working with housebuilders in Bristol and the surrounding areas, covering the whole of the South West. We have insider knowledge of the housebuilding industry, allowing us to meet our clients’ needs and ensure that projects are completed quickly and successfully.

Specialist scaffolding for housebuilders

A day is a long time in the scaffolding industry – even more so in the busy housebuilding industry. We know that requirements change, so we remain flexible and proactive, micromanaging our sites down to the very last detail. We programme our projects by the hour to ensure we are well resourced yet adaptable, meeting the needs of our housebuilding clients in every way.

With our personal understanding of the housebuilding industry we know your aims and have insight into a project as a whole. We ensure we adhere to all requirements, making sure you obtain your CML certificate without delay.

We aren’t run by scaffolders – we are run by housebuilding professionals who are experts in scaffolding. Our work in various areas of the housebuilding industry has given us a unique insight into its demands and expectations, so we know exactly how to support you.

Our housebuilding

 We work with all the major housebuilders with sites in the South West, including:

We work with both national and local housebuilders and have the resources and expertise to provide scaffolding services for every site.

Our team will often be working on projects of more than 300 homes at any one time.


Our scaffolding team

Our specialist scaffolding team allows us to provide an unrivalled customer service experience. Our management team has more than 150 years’ collective experience and we have our own training programmes, creating the industry leaders of the future.

Our team isn’t just made up of scaffolders – we’re housebuilding professionals. We understand the industry, we know the pressures you face, and we’re here to help relieve those pressures wherever we can. We work to ensure you receive your CML certificate on every build, and if you need any additional support on site, we can provide it.