We are the leading name in scaffolding for housebuilders located in Bristol and the South West. Our business is highly successful, largely due to our collaborative approach where we form ongoing partnerships with our housebuilding clients. When your business succeeds, so does ours – it’s in our best interests to work together and make the housebuilding sector an innovative, forward-thinking industry. We have the resources and skills to work with you on your next project, and we are passionate about changing the face of scaffolding for the better, providing a reliable, adaptable, customer-focused experience.

Expert knowledge of the housebuilding industry

We don’t just know scaffolding inside out – we also understand the housebuilding industry. Key members of our management team have worked in various areas of the housebuilding sector, bringing holistic knowledge and experience to their work. We understand your goals and are well acquainted with legislation, so we know what you need to achieve. We play a key part in helping you reach project completion.

We work on projects of all sizes, whether you need a two-storey tower or scaffolding for an entire construction site. Our resources and experience ensure we can deliver what you need.

The complete service

Given our extensive experience, we know what you need and will play our part in ensuring you are awarded your Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Professional Consultant’s Certificate (PCC). If you need us to return to a project to assist after the scaffolding strike down, we will always make provisions for this – our service doesn’t end when we leave your site. We have a large enough team to ensure we have the right resources, and we will do whatever you need us to, ensuring your CML certificate is awarded without any difficulties.

Where we work

We are based in Bristol and cover the whole of the South West. We have worked with all major housebuilders in the area.

Our accreditations

We are fully accredited scaffolders, meeting all health and safety standards.


Award-winning scaffolders

We have qualifications that mark us out as industry leaders, and we are the proud winners of 22 National House-Building Council awards with four different house builders. We are also winners of the Barratt Health and Safety award, marking us out as leaders in site safety, providing innovative solutions and using modern techniques.